ReVox B795 Tangential Tracking Semi-Automatic Turntable


I recently setup and sold one of these 'tables and liked it so much that I was freshly motivated to refinish the B795 now offered here.

You see, while these units are very robust and reliable they suffer from a finish deterioration which happens on almost all ReVox pieces from this age. They were finished in a neat rubberized paint which deteriorates over time.

I carefully disassembled this 'table and refinished in a hammered paint that looks great with the silver accents. I then fitted and calibrated a new Sumiko Pearl MM phono cartridge and it's working super well.

The B795 features a unique swing-out tangential tonearm which is easy to operate since you never actually have to manipulate the tonearm. Perfect for those with a track record of breaking needles or with shaky hands. 

Several push-buttons allow you to manipulate the tonearm up, down, left, and right so you can drop the stylus on the precise spot. It's also capable of 33 RPM and 45 RPM speed operation.

All functions work perfectly but I noticed the 33/45 indicator LED is a bit faint which does not affect operation.

ReVox is an amazing company with quite the history in professional and consumer audio equipment.  Here is a chance to own a small piece of history. 

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Technical Specifications:
The Revox B795 turntable consists of a Quartz-locked direct-drive motor unit in a heavy plinth, with servo-controlled, linear tracking tonearm system. Touch type controls are provided for Stop/Start and Speed selection.

Platter Drive:
Quartz controlled direct drive

33 rpm and 45 rpm

Speed Stability:
+/- 0.01%

313mm diameter, 2.1kg

Wow and flutter:
Better than 0.05%

-70 dB (weighted)

Linear tracking tonearm with servo electronic follow up control

Tangential Error:
Smaller than 0.5 degrees

Skating Compensation:
None required

Stylus Force:
0.8 to 2g

20.06 lbs. (9.1kg)

Click here for a PDF copy of the B795 Owner's Manual



Original Box

Not Included


Yes and Online


Not Applicable


Yes - Power Only

Physical Condition

7 / 10

Working Condition

10 / 10

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