Marantz Model 2500 Flagship Vintage Stereo Receiver - Full Blown Restoration


One of the most powerful receivers ever built by Marantz, and by far the best looking.

Highlights include:
• Built-in oscilloscope
• The best looking tuning meter in the industry
• Produced from 1977 to 1980
• 330W into 4 ohms
• Two phono inputs

After the restoration was completed we set this up and had it playing in our large hard-to-fill shop, after our lab and bench testing. The musicality of the sound, especially the stereo separation, was incredible. 

This vintage receiver  has its own page on the fabulous speciality HiFi website The Vintage Knob so you know it's really something special:

Marantz Model 2500

With a scope in it. And DC design. And a cooling system that would be carried onto the SM-1000 monster.

And a toroidal transformer with 2 separate L/R windings. And a quadruple push-pull output section. And a 5-gang varicap with PLL, Dual-Gate MOS-Fets and 6-stage IF tuner section. And a Bessel-derived high filter. And as many as "7-million tone controls possibilities".

And a ± 0,5dB 4-gang volume attenuator.
And Dolby FM compatibility.
And 27kg in toto.
And 1600$.

As the vast majority of receivers designed and built in Japan, the Marantz Model 2500 and Marantz Model 2385 were export-only.
Bar the oscilloscope, the Model 2385 is essentially identical to the Model 2500 and survived it by a couple of years.
Replaced by the Model 2600 with added Quartz-Locked tuning circuitry.

Marantz Model 2500 Flagship Vintage Stereo Receiver - Original Sales Brochure

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