Audio Physic Step Minimonitor Speakers - With Dedicated Stands


Great little speaker capable of delivering big sound despite their diminutive size. Made in Germany by around the mid 1990's. 

The included stands were originally sold separately, and are designed and built to float the speakers for perfect performance.

In perfect working condition with a few light scratches or scuffs as shown in our photos.

From a Stereophile review written by Jack English:

"The Audio Physic Step is a small, high-quality speaker intended for a modestly sized room. Mated with high-quality equipment, the Steps were musically satisfying—I enjoyed them immensely on modestly scaled material. Other than their inability to reproduce low frequencies and their distant soundstage presentation, the Steps were faithful to the source recordings. Though expensive, they could be an intriguing alternative where their small size might make them an optimal choice.

Minimonitors are unable to produce prodigious amounts of deep bass, and the Step was no exception. But the quantity and quality of the bass that was there was very impressive. In my difficult room, with the speakers a third of the way into the room from the rear wall, bass performance was strong to 60Hz, and still making noises at 20Hz. I found the bass performance from these little boxes astounding."

Technical Specifications:
Two-way, ported, stand-mounted loudspeaker

4" (102mm) plastic-cone woofer
0.75" (19mm) metal-dome tweeter

Measured frequency response:
60Hz – 20kHz ±3dB

Measured sensitivity:

Measured impedance:
5 ohms nominal; 3.3 ohms minimum

13" (330mm) H by 5.5" (140mm) W by 9" (229mm) D

$1395/pair (1994) - About $2500 today.
Necessary stands were available from Sound Anchors for $210/pair (1994) - About $400 today.

Audio Physic GmbH, Almerfeldweg 38, 59929 Brilon, Germany.

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Working Condition


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