AURALiC VEGA DAC and Upsampling Digital Preamp / Processor - 32-Bit / 384kHz and DSD/DXD


Very capable DAC from AURALiC which they refer to officially as a digital audio processor. 32-Bit / 384kHz decoding, plus DSD64 (2.8224MHz), DSD128 (5.6448MHz), and DXD file format capability.

Originally sold for $3499 several years back.

Tested in our lab and working perfectly.

The caseworks is overall clean, knobs are responsive, and note that the the OLED display has some burn-in from being on too long but is very readable. We changed the display to stay on auto-dim so it doesn't get any worse over time.

Standout Features Include:
• AURALiC Sanctuary Audio Processor
Sanctuary audio processor, the heart of VEGA, is based on multi-core ARM9 archi- tecture with the calculating capability at 1000MIPS (millions of instructions per se- cond), ideal for handling multi-channel high resolution music. VEGA supports DXD format (352.8KS/s and 384KS/s PCM signals in 32bit) as well as DSD stream at 2.8224MHz and 5.6448MHz in native through 'DoP V1.1' transmission protocol.

• Megahertz Upsampling
The internal megahertz upsampling algorithm can process and up-sample all incom- ing PCM signals to 1.5MHz at 32bit, which not only improves the precision of the DAC, but also creates a new Nyquist frequency for all PCM signals farther away from the top end of audio frequency. As a result, our engineers are able to design a brand-new analog circuit structure with larger bandwidth and faster slew rate.

• Femto Master Clock
Femto master clock utilizes aerospace grade crystal oscillator, ultra-low noise linear power supply and temperature compensation technology to generate the master clock with extremely low jitter at 82 femtoseconds. More importantly, the phase noise which affects sound quality a lot has been dramatically reduced to -168dBc/Hz.

• Flexible Filter Mode
VEGA has six built-in filter modes and each contains several digital filters optimized for corresponding sampling rate. These filters are developed using AURALiC's sub- jective auditory sense and objective testing data relationship models with the goal of optimizing the listening experience of different music in all formats.

• AURALiC ORFEO Class-A Output Module
In order to drive various loads and to match with different power amplifiers, VEGA is equipped with AURALiC's patented ORFEO Class-A module. The principle of this module is to use a mass of small signal components with best linear characteristics. By packing them through a thermal balance procedure and biasing the transistors into Class-A, ORFEO achieves impressive performance with the open loop distortion less than 0.001%.

Please see the links below or our last photo for full specifications:

AURALiC VEGA DAC and Digital Preamp / Processor - Manual

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